The Problem of Baloch Insurgency

By Muhammad Suleman Khan – Research Associate April 16, 2019 Balochistan has been in turmoil since Pakistan’s creation. A desperately underdeveloped region that makes up nearly half of the country, Balochistan province has seen insurgencies for almost 70 years, with the first round beginning following the accession of the ‘State of Kalat’ with Pakistan inContinue reading “The Problem of Baloch Insurgency”

Pak-Iran Relations and the Problem of Cross-border Militancy

Apr 30, 2019 Pakistan and Iran share common history, faith, and culture. Their bilateral relations have seen ups and downs over decades. Their 900-km long common border often serves as a point of attraction for criminal and militant activities. The border area has been ripe for human trafficking and smuggling of petroleum products. Illegal immigrantsContinue reading “Pak-Iran Relations and the Problem of Cross-border Militancy”

The Genesis of Religious Radicalism in Pakistan

May 30, 2019 Jinnah – Pakistan’s founding father – declared that the citizens’ caste and religion had nothing to do with the business of the Pakistani state.[1] He advocated for freedom of the press and speech and criticized the laws that curtailed that freedom.[2] As a constitutionalist, Jinnah stood by legal process rather than executiveContinue reading “The Genesis of Religious Radicalism in Pakistan”