Gawadar: Economic Hopes & Security Challenges

The coastal city and its neighboring regions of Turbat and Panjgur have been the ground zero of separatist insurgency in the southwest by Baloch militant groups that demand grater rights from the central government. Turbat has seen most violence followed by Panjgur. Similarly, Gawadar is also facing attacks from Baloch insurgents…

The Hazara People: A Trail of Blood & Persecution

The Hazara community claim over 2000 of their members have died in bombings, assassinations, and targeted killings since 2000. The bulk of the killings have occurred in and around the capital city of Quetta. And the dead include men, women, children, and even infants. Thousands of Hazara have left Pakistan…

The Problem of Baloch Insurgency

Balochistan has been in turmoil since Pakistan’s creation. A desperately underdeveloped region that makes up nearly half of the country, Balochistan province has seen insurgencies for almost 70 years, with the first round beginning following the accession of the ‘State of Kalat’ with Pakistan in 1948..