Violent Extremism

TLP: A Fusion of Extremism and Obscenity

Although using religion and invoking extremism have been the part and parcel of Pakistani politics for decades, still the birth of TLP was a unique addition to the political landscape. Khadim Rizvi’s popularity as well as notoriety shot overnight, and he became the talk of the town for his loose lips.

Proscribed Extremist Outfits

Pakistan’s ministry of interior has proscribed 71 organizations and splinter groups under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. These outfits were found to be directly or indirectly involved in acts of violence or hate crimes on the basis of religion. Some of the groups banned also include those which participated

A Dangerous Education

Education can be dangerous. It is very difficult to make it not dangerous. In fact, it is almost impossible. The only way you can prevent education from being dangerous is to try and develop an educational system in which the pupil is exposed to no ideas whatsoever..

The Genesis of Religious Radicalism in Pakistan

Zia’s gory penchant for creating a cocktail of power politics and religion had serious repercussions for Pakistan as a society. According to historian Vali Nasr, the Islamabad protest revealed the Shiite community’s reliance on Tehran to organize and assert its demands. While Pakistan’s Shiite leaders felt empowered after their encounter

Religious Extremism on Social Media in Pakistan

Pakistan has an estimated 37 million active social media users, which amounts to 18% of the population. The number of users has spiked by 5.7% over the last year, as per the Global Digital Report by ‘We Are Social and Hootsuite’ in Feb 2019. Those who use mobile internet in..

The Radicals of Modern Universities

A report by the counter terrorism department (CTD) of Sindh in 2016 revealed that out of 500 suspected militants held in custody, 134 had bachelor’s or masters’ degrees while another 63 of them passed middle of the road level tests. The CTD finding was scary to say the least as it indicated..