Religious Minorities

Life in the Shadows: the Plight of Pakistan’s Christians

Perhaps nothing epitomizes the Christians’ exclusion better than the overcast and filthy slums, dotting the otherwise clean and green capital of Islamabad. Generations upon generations of Christian citizens live and die in shantytowns they call home. In Dec 2015, Islamabad’s capital development authority (CDA) launched a drive to eradicate slums.

Worries About Afghan Peace Talks

The Afghan history is riddled with faith-based violence. Afghanistan’s religious minorities have suffered persecution and violence during various periods. Religious intolerance and sectarian bloodshed often drive mass exodus of Afghans to neighboring countries. In recent years, religious extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP)..

The Hazara People: A Trail of Blood & Persecution

The Hazara community claim over 2000 of their members have died in bombings, assassinations, and targeted killings since 2000. The bulk of the killings have occurred in and around the capital city of Quetta. And the dead include men, women, children, and even infants. Thousands of Hazara have left Pakistan…

Forced Conversions: a Crisis for the State; a Nightmare for the Hindus

Of all the issues, the most burning is the growing religious extremism in the society. Extremism is spreading its tentacles, and the space for the non-Muslim minorities is shrinking. At the time of Pakistan’s creation in 1947, the non-Muslims constituted 23% of the population which has been reduced to roughly 4% today.

Pakistan’s other population

There was not even the slightest hint that the Punjab government’s “eloquent” spokesman cared about the fact that 2 million Pakistani citizens profess Hinduism. He simply didn’t care. It was a stone-cold disregard for the sensitivities of Pakistan’s Hindu population. And tragically such an irresponsible and dangerous behavior…